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AEC LIVE CHAT Clicking on this takes you into our Chat Room. Your browser will need to be able to handle Java. Obviously, there's no point going in for a chat if no-one else is there, so it's best to arrange a "meet" at a particular time with loads of other AEC enthusiasts.

AEC CLASSIFIEDS A completely free-of-charge Classified Ads service. Just post your advert and it will automatically get included immediately. Set the number of days before it expires between 1 and 90. If you want your ad to remain permanently, choose ZERO.

AEC NOTICEBOARD This is a great forum for dicussions, a noticeboard an interactive magazine....anything really! Please join in by starting a New Article or adding a comment to someone else's. Your opinion is worth as much as theirs.

AEC GREETINGS This is our Guest Book. PLEASE sign it. It will enable other people to get in touch with you. Comments on the website, or the Society, are always welcome.

AEC LINKS Want a link to your site? Seen a good site you think others would like to see? No need to e- mail the Webmaster - just push this button and at the top of the Links page you can click to add your own link automatically. Please take care when choosing which section to put it in. You can, if appropriate, add it to more than one section (this means going through the process twice.)

AEC COUNTER If you click on the counter, you can access a whole range of statistics and information about visits to this site...if you're in to that kind of thing.

AEC MAILING LIST This list is totally safe for you to join. It simply allows the AEC Society Webmaster to send you an e-mail to let you know about updates to this site. It can also be used by the AEC Society to send messages. It cannot be used or seen by anyone else and cannot be "spammed". It is a closed, private list.

NOTE: All the services in the interactive panel are provided by Bravenet. Very occasionally their servers go off-line for maintenance. If this happens, we apologise and ask that you please try later.

AEC YAHOOGROUP If you click on the Yahoogroup button you will be taken to our Yahoogroup. When you get there, click on "Messages" to see what people have been sending us. To join in, you can send an e-mail to Attach pictures to your email for others to see. JPG FORMAT ONLY PLEASE! Some of the pictures are added to our Photo Albums. To read the messages or to email messages to the group, there is no need to join - but it's nice for us if you do. Some features in the Yahoogroup will only work if you DO join; for example, the "Post" button lets you post a message from within the Yahoogroup page. There's also a Files section for uploading and downloading things like Word documents, pictures, sounds etc. "Links" will give you links to other interesting sites - you can add a link too. "Polls" contains some issues you can vote on - you can even start your own poll.

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