AEC Patents & Copyrights.

This Information Sheet is produced in response to a number of enquiries made to us on these subjects since the launch of this AEC Society Website.

Most enquiries have concerned current ownership of Patents relating to the various "AEC" devices, such as logos, emblems, badges, etc. and of Copyrights relating to AEC publications such as manuals, photographs, drawings, lists and literature of all descriptions.

The short answer is that all Patents and Copyrights relating to the former British Leyland Vehicles, which includes the AEC in all its guises, together with its subsidiaries, were given to the BCVM Trust by Leyland's last owners, DAF.

This means that permission from the BCVM Trust is required before any AEC related design, device, image or literature is reproduced or copied for publication.

However, the BCVM Trust can be expected to be sympathetic and helpful when approached for permission to reproduce AEC material, when its intended use is connected with projects whose aims and principles are similar to those of the Trust and of the AEC Society. For example, displaying and publishing AEC material on this site is permitted by the Trust, provided that due acknowledgement of such permission is made.

Enquiries concerning such matters should be addressed to:

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum Trust
King Street
Lancs PR5 1LE

Tel: 01 772 451 011
Fax: 01 772 623 404

Not all bodies or individuals will be so generous when it comes obtaining permission for the use of their material; eg. we had to be specific about pictures we wished to display from an old London Transport publication, all such material (including logos) now being owned and jealously guarded by the London Transport Museum. One should also remember, that in cases such as this the publisher may not be the owner of an image, so cannot grant permission, although he or she will probably be able to point to the appropriate agency.

Again, we were very restricted in the FREE use of Ordnance Survey maps for this site and had to be content with an OS map with expired Crown Copyright, ie. which had been published at least 50 years ago.

We may, in the future, include more detail regarding conditions surrounding patents and copyrights.

Eric A. Hayles (M/No. 1370) 08 February 2002

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