AEC Militant Mk I - 08591420

Chassis No 08591420 - Civilian Regn No TTW 956 N - Military Regn No 42 BS 74

Stuart Hart sent the picture on this and the next page. He writes:

As far as I know, this beast is a Militant MK 1 of early 1950's vintage. I have approached the British Commercial Vehicles Museum Trust and the REME Museum for information about it, hoping for some definite dates and details, but without any success.
I do know that it was supplied to the Royal Engineers as a bridge building crane, but I don't know with which regiment. From its registration, I presume that it was demobbed in Essex in 1974.
I am hoping to remove the crane and convert it into a ballast tractor for towing a low-loader trailer. I own two traction engines that I wish to transport to and from rallies using this outfit.
Any information about the Militant would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, and keep up the good work on your web site.

:::::(Stuart informs us that he has now sold this vehicle. Webmaster, March 2000.):::::

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